The hot topic at the moment seems hygge I’ve had books about how to hygge and I’ve had a hygge knitting book – my family must be trying to tell me something. Anyway I’ve knitted a hygge face cloth ……… no not feeling it yet 
All that colour changing and all those ends to weave in, but I do like it now it’s done but I’m not knitting any more for a while. I’ve sat in my garden with my hygge tea and enjoyed the fresh air……..I’m feeling it more now.

My research led me to a magazine The Simple Life, nice pictures, nice paper and yes sort of hygge and confirmed my new Japanese apron is considered hygge. Getting there I think.

Last night I found my real hygge, how can I have missed the joy of Cider with Rosie by Laurie Lee, what a beautiful book it transports me to a more simple time where pleasure is sharing food, family and countryside. No technology, no TV and being at one with the seasons. From a hygge sceptic to a convert. Go on try hygge if I can anyone can.

If only blogging was more hygge apologies the picture is so big.


Still knitting

After quite a while away from the blog I’m back, must be the gloomy weather and it has been gloomy. Knitting is keeping me focused as we now make positive strides towards the spring and warmer weather.

Knitting output has been quite prolific I have made bobble hats for my husband and son from the lovely book ‘Knitting form the north’. I have discovered the beauty of Erika Knight’s stylish designs and wonderful yarns. I have completed the slouchy cardigan in bright cheerful yellow – this was a quick knit in super chunky yarn and grew very quickly. When I’m not wearing it not sure where I will keep it I think I need a bigger house to store it!

I have just received the 2 Scheepjes magazines and I have the yarn for the stripey tee waiting yet more stylish designs, I could happily knit all day but work pays for the yarn I guess.    Searching through my photo albu, I found a lovely picture of my dog Rupert and thought I’d share it! 

Tea Jenny Hat

What a lovely quick knit!
As usual Kate Davies pattern is great and the lovely Foula wool was well worth the wait. Once I got started the hat was quickly finished and the I-cord bind off works really well.

The hat hat is warm and cosy and lots of fun and it covers my ears! I’m now ready for a cold snap. I have a few bits of each colour left not sure what I can do with them but something will Spring to mind soon





Finished shawl

Finally finished my shawl and just in time for my holidays just the tithing to keep out the sea breeze. The Rooster yarn is beautiful and the Jellyfish design lovely.

Although not a difficult lace pattern kits not one to do and watch the TV, at the start the long rows could take over an hour and more.

Unusually this took quite a few weeks and my husband thought it was great as for little yarn cost I was busy for ages – probably stay of the chunky yarn for a while!imageimage

Deja vu?

Warmer days, lighter evenings, knitting going a treat alls well with the world. Husband and dog happy watching the TV together good job I have my knitting! 

No F1 this weekend and flying looks problematic too so housework and more lace knitting with my lovely rooster yarn. Image

Easter Knitting

imageimageWell we still have the white stuff on the ground – excellent excuse to stay in and knit. Finished the stripey cardigan and pleased with it. It did make up very quickly so now I have a dilemma what to make next – some much to knit so little time.

I have a skein of lovely yarn to make a scarf and as its lace it may slow me down. Best bit as it needs winding into a ball I’ll have to get out my beautiful wool winder.