Another Birthday

This was the week I rolled on another year but as I’ve had so many birthdays it wasn’t really a novelty but I did get a cake, an orchid, a pile of knitting books (how do you say hygge?), tickets for the British GP – international Pits Straight no less and a brilliant apron. I’m old enough not to be bothered about my eclectic mix. The apron is brilliant – I copied the one Dawn French wears in ‘Delicious’ big pockets but too nice to get splattered in cooking oil.

To celebrate my birthday week whilst throwing my handbag onto my shoulder I bent back my thumb which is very painful and has stopped all knitting this week – disaster! My Boden order has been lost by the delivery company but Boden very kindly are sending a replacement – brilliant customer service however the confirmation of the new order is £10 cheaper, haven’t found the refund yet; I live in hope.

I’ve just got into writing however I can’t hold the iPad with my injured thumb yes injured by a handbag. I hope to return free of pain, knitting re-started and longer day light hours as we hurtle towards wonderful Spring. 


Christmas Wreath – knitted!

Christmas Wreath - knitted!

Doesn’t look knitted does it? Just finished this a do pleased with the finished result it’s looks lovely in my cottage and so far no-one believes it’s knitted. Added a lively string of Gisella Graham bells and rah dah!

Deja vu?

Warmer days, lighter evenings, knitting going a treat alls well with the world. Husband and dog happy watching the TV together good job I have my knitting! 

No F1 this weekend and flying looks problematic too so housework and more lace knitting with my lovely rooster yarn. Image

Ok it’s not Spring yet!

Hopes of a warm weekend dashed again, snow and wind strike again. No choice but search the cupboards for a bag of strong flour and some yeast – sure I have some somewhere. After a short search yep got all the ingredients to make Paul Hollywood”s Bloomer. Not convinced the yeast is at it’s best still 6 hours later I have a loaf, house smells great and the anticipation is building. 

Lookimg outside only thing moving is snow not seen a car or tractor for about 2 days and no Sainsburys delivery so it’s freezer pot luck with a slice of homemade bread. TV and knitting with long fire the day isn’t so bad after all – but roll on sunshine. Image

Perfect Sunday?

Despite the cold and gloomy weather the daffs are peeking out and the snowdrops are going strong, after an early start to watch the first GP pf the season a brilliant race with the perfect win for Kimi (the last few laps watched through my fingers!) we enjoyed a relaxed breakfast treat of croissants. Speed cleaning of the downstairs done sitting in front off a roaring log fire with my new knitting mag and a cuppa – Sunday heaven!Image