Another Birthday

This was the week I rolled on another year but as I’ve had so many birthdays it wasn’t really a novelty but I did get a cake, an orchid, a pile of knitting books (how do you say hygge?), tickets for the British GP – international Pits Straight no less and a brilliant apron. I’m old enough not to be bothered about my eclectic mix. The apron is brilliant – I copied the one Dawn French wears in ‘Delicious’ big pockets but too nice to get splattered in cooking oil.

To celebrate my birthday week whilst throwing my handbag onto my shoulder I bent back my thumb which is very painful and has stopped all knitting this week – disaster! My Boden order has been lost by the delivery company but Boden very kindly are sending a replacement – brilliant customer service however the confirmation of the new order is £10 cheaper, haven’t found the refund yet; I live in hope.

I’ve just got into writing however I can’t hold the iPad with my injured thumb yes injured by a handbag. I hope to return free of pain, knitting re-started and longer day light hours as we hurtle towards wonderful Spring. 


Still knitting

After quite a while away from the blog I’m back, must be the gloomy weather and it has been gloomy. Knitting is keeping me focused as we now make positive strides towards the spring and warmer weather.

Knitting output has been quite prolific I have made bobble hats for my husband and son from the lovely book ‘Knitting form the north’. I have discovered the beauty of Erika Knight’s stylish designs and wonderful yarns. I have completed the slouchy cardigan in bright cheerful yellow – this was a quick knit in super chunky yarn and grew very quickly. When I’m not wearing it not sure where I will keep it I think I need a bigger house to store it!

I have just received the 2 Scheepjes magazines and I have the yarn for the stripey tee waiting yet more stylish designs, I could happily knit all day but work pays for the yarn I guess.    Searching through my photo albu, I found a lovely picture of my dog Rupert and thought I’d share it!